We warmly welcome all to join us as we usher in the next generation of professionals and, together, courageously meet the challenges of the future.

We warmly and enthusiastically welcome doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows from all over the world.
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About us

As the top national university, The University of Tokyo and UTokyo Nursing bear a rich history yet drive the forefront of advancement in research and healthcare application. We are strongly committed to diversity, uniqueness, collaboration, and innovation, and prioritize contribution to global healthcare provision and research. We facilitate the success of our students, offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and postdoctoral fellowship programs, and our researchers and alumni are internationally recognized for their industry and leadership.


Community plays a central role for us, as it is through direct contact with people at the community level that we can understand individual needs and create initiatives to meet those needs. Our “Realization of Wellness Society Project” incorporates programs directed toward strengthening social and community relationships, implementing research for the benefit of all community members, and administering support to both staff and patients for their improved well-being.


To improve the nursing work environment, patient satisfaction, and patient quality of life, we capitalize on advanced technologies such as robotics, sensor technologies, artificial intelligence, 3D rapid prototyping, and innovative imaging technologies. Our analytical observations are conducted at the individual, organ, tissue, and cell level, and we utilize biochemical and molecular biological approaches to investigate and solve problems. We also actively collaborate with industrial and academic institutions to improve our ability to discover and apply novel procedures and technologies.


Not only do we utilize a wide range of trusted investigative technologies and methods, we pursue the development and application of new approaches. Our collaborations range from communities, companies, healthcare systems, academic institutions, to broader national and international levels. Our Global Nursing Research Center (GNRC) is the first specialized nursing research center for postdoctoral fellows in Japan, by which we fortify future global nursing leaders.


Our interest in global cooperation drives us to expand our international activities and networks in both education and research to foster the growth of leaders in worldwide nursing research. We continually provide opportunities to learn from the expertise of prominent international researchers, as well as elite leaders in nursing and participate in many international events, committees, and professional organizations. We actively collaborate in international research, and have signed memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with several universities to build and foster relationships.

Our Program Outcomes

The Global Nursing Research Center is committed to the development of cutting-edge research at the first research center for Nursing in Japan and to the dissemination of its research to the world.